Are You Escaping From Life, or is Life Escaping You?


Escaping Life

​The Desire to Escape

Does anyone else have the recurring dream of selling everything, packing your bags, renting (or buying) an RV, and just taking off for a while?

I have met many people who share this same dream, but never take it seriously.  Myself included.

But sometimes when you have the urge to do something drastic or crazy, it might just be a wake up call letting you know a lot of things have added up. Maybe you've finally reached the breaking point where you are stressed, overwhelmed, and ready to escape it.

With all that aside, what could be gained from following through?

  • Building your confidence/having to go out and be 'on your own'
  •  Making amazing memories and seeing incredible sights with no deadlines
  • Getting outside your comfort zone
  • Taking a risk/leap of faith
  • Escaping consumerism for a while
  • Living more in the moment
  • Breaking out of everyday, mundane routine
  • Learning about yourself /Self-discovery
  • Re-evaluating life priorities 

While there may be so much to gain, we encourage you to really take an equally hard look at what you will be giving up as well. It is smart to evaluate this beforehand so you are not surprised or caught off guard when situations come up, as they will

Minimalism is both subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.

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Some things to consider might be:

  • The uncertainty of being on your own, with no steady 9-5 income each Friday
  • If you opt for a tiny home or RV.... you will feel cramped at times, and might start to miss that extra leg room of your cozy house/apt
  • Clean running hot water at all times

Another topic we want to cover before you move forward is the evaluation of your 'why'. 

Make sure your intentions are right...

Running Towards Minimalism

Running Towards

​Are you running towards something?

  • Adventure
  • Mindful experiences
  • Self discovery/self reflection
  • Growth potential/pushing your boundaries  
Running Away

Running ​Away

​or away from something?

  • responsibilities
  • giving up for a while because things are 'just too hard'
  • problems with work or family relationships
  • not facing issues that need addressed
  • dullness in the day to day routine
Right Intentions

​Right Intentions

I am not, by any means, trying to discourage anyone from chasing after this dream. I want you to be able to make a confident educated decision, to be certain that this is the right choice for you at this time, and that you're willing to accept the downsides in order to experience the amazing upsides of this adventure!

If you still feel like this is right for you I say go for it! 

We are here to support you in your decision and would love to be a resource for you along the way with any questions, uncertainties or concerns you might have.

With that, what are some of your concerns? And what are some things you are hoping to gain?


Krissy is a part-time blogger who writes on a variety of topics including: health & fitness, mindful living, interior design, fashion, and travel. The best way to connect with her is on Instagram.

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