6 Simple Ways To Refresh Your Living Space


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by Krissy

Having a cozy and inviting atmosphere to come home to each day is truly one of life's simple pleasures! 

In this post we are going to cover 6 simple ways you can revive and refresh any room of your home! 

Let’s get started…

Look Around The Room

There are a few things we tend to notice when we walk into a room; whether we like the colors, the decor, the layout, and how it makes us “feel”.

Some of what we notice might be blatantly obvious, while there may be some subtle things we might not even realize are adding/or subtracting from the appeal of our living space.

When our environment is calming and soothing, it reflects in our overall well-being.

Here are 6 little tweaks/tricks we use to boost the “ambiance” of your living space.

Living Space Lighting

1. Lighting

When considering the lighting of a home, we like to first make sure all the lighting temperatures within a room are the same! It can really throw off the balance if one lamp is putting off cool light while another is casting a warm glow.

Whatever temp you prefer, making sure they are the same can really add a nice balanced feel.

2. Baskets

(Decorative containers will work too!)

Basically anything enclosed and that matches well with your current decor. We all seem to have those little piles of accumulated clutter that show up on counter tops, stuffed in drawers or even in the corner of closets.

One of my favorite ways to handle this is to pick up a couple matching sets of baskets and disperse them throughout my home. Any clutter I see that I’m not in the mood to deal with at the moment gets tossed right in.

Out of sight, yet not quite out of mind. This helps add a nice “put together/clutter free” essence to your place.

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3. Candles

Candles are another favorite of mine to have sprinkled throughout your space! I usually have one on my coffee table and one on the kitchen counter.

I love the feeling of relaxation and contentment that they add to a home, especially when putting off the scent of creamy vanilla or soothing sandalwood. What’s more warm and inviting than that?!

Living Space Candles

4. Blankets and Pillows

Speaking of ‘warm and inviting’, I just love having over-sized throw pillows and a cozy blanket to cuddle up with after a long day.

Having the pillows and blanket colors complement each other well, as well as matching with the aforementioned candle on the coffee table, all adds such a warm and inviting feeling to a home.

5. Details

One particular detail I pay attention to is coasters. Another is coffee mugs! (I love having a variety of coffee mugs that can be chosen to match my current mood.)

A well placed book or magazine displays a simple sophistication while expressing your unique style and personality!

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Book on End Table

6. Keep it fresh

Try adding in an air purifier (with frequently changed filters) and/or sprinkling scented cones inconspicuously here and there (especially near trash cans or pet areas).

A potted or hanging plant or two (or three!) is another great way to clean your air while also livening up the room. Flowers can truly bring your space to life, too.

House Plant for Living Space

These all great simple ways to keep your place feeling fresh, but one thing we try to avoid is adding too much “artificial scent” to our home. We find it to be more effective to “eliminate” odors rather than try desperately to cover them up with overpowering sprays.

Recommended Resource

Made For Living: Collected Interiors for All Sorts of Styles is a complete desk reference book that gives you tips and examples of how to set up your living space in just about any style.

It also creates a nice 'display piece' for your coffee table. And if you really want to take a deep dive on this topic, check out The Feng Shui Home Makeover.

What Makes Your Living Space Awesome?

Since implementing several of these little tricks, I always look forward to coming home to relax and unwind. 

Hope you were able to get some helpful tips from this post!

What about you? What makes your living space awesome? 

Let us know in the comments below!

  • Shava Nerad says:

    In the living room, I have a sideboard with coffee and tea service — an electric kettle, Keurig, selection of tea tins/chests and so on. It’s a mix of modern and vintage tea service, very cozy.

    There’s also an 1800s candy dish and a bit of aromatherapy, and silk flowers (I kill plants, sadly). And yes, coasters — I’m a writer, so my coasters are letter keyboards in an 1800’s style manual typewriter caddy.

    The sideboard is actually a 1980s quilter’s cabinet, and supplies — extra mugs, and extra boxes of various teas and so on — store neatly underneath out of sight.

    We call it the “house altar.” When guests come, they have hospitality there without us having to run back and forth to the kitchen for most things.

    It says welcome, as soon as people come in, and lets me spend more time visiting that hopping up and down. And of course it’s there for reading curled up on the couch and more private moments.

    To me, this makes more sense than keeping such stuff in the kitchen, where it takes up constant space and doesn’t serve the space where it’s used.

    • That sounds wonderful, Shava! What a great idea to have the tea and coffee accessible in the living room, I would love to try that out!

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