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Who We Are

Here at Tastefully Minimalist we share what we've learned along our journey towards a simpler, more meaningful life. 

Our hope is to offer some tips and advice, pulled from lessons we’ve learned and discoveries we’ve made, that will help you create more freedom, intention and control in your life. 

About Tastefully Minimalist

So what is a Tasteful Minimalist?

Let’s start with a simple definition: 

Tasteful - [tāst′fəl] - adjective
showing good aesthetic judgment or appropriate behavior

Minimalist - [mĭn′ə-mə-lĭst] - noun
advocating moderation 

This description itself kind of paints the picture of who we are and what we’re about. 

We feel this definition encompasses how we embrace this lifestyle.... we keep simplicity and moderation in mind, all while not sacrificing aesthetics, style, or taste. 

Also, we try to approach minimalism as more of a philosophy rather than a specific ‘how to’, and we aim to share it with you that way as well.

We are not going to tell you to fit everything you own into a suitcase, paint all your walls white, and wear only neutral shades of clothing.

In fact, we’re not going to tell you to do anything. We are simply going to offer our story, our philosophy, and allow you to take out of it what you need.

We want to help you curate your own version of minimalism by offering all the ingredients, not by spelling out the whole recipe.

Why Did We Start This Blog

We reached a point in our lives where we were truly drowning in ‘stuff’. 

We had several cars, trucks, a boat, a vacation home. We had a garage and storage space filled with boxes upon boxes... of anything and everything.

We worked several businesses, with new to-do’s and obligations popping up from every angle… we were just trying to keep up.

We were going through the motions. Hustling. And stressed.

So there came a day when we asked ourselves..why? Is this what we want, or just what got thrown at us by going through the motions without ever taking the time to question it?

Am I being effective? Am I satisfied, filled with purpose? Am I happy?

It was then that we decided to sell everything, step out of our day to day grind with fresh perspective, and made a resolve to get our control back.

Our mission is to help you uncover areas in your life that could benefit from a more mindful, intentional, value based approach!

Here are a few posts that can give you an idea of what to expect at Tastefully Minimalist

Our Story

So as you know from above, we had a lot of possessions and obligations at one point in our lives, and it was weighing us down in many ways.

While we were going through the motions at that time, it’s funny to think that it hadn’t occurred to us earlier that we could allow ourselves to start fresh. 

By selling unwanted items and walking away from our current lifestyle, we gained clarity. We could now make more mindful, conscious decisions of what got to come into our lives, as well as what got to stay.

We decided it would do us good to get out of our usual setting.. and so we took some time to travel. We gained a whole new perspective. We experienced freedom and a weight lift by having only items we valued surrounding us, as well as a greater sense of control and creativity that we didn’t have before!

This is when we were able to get clear about what we truly wanted. With this fresh insight we started building a new ideal for ourselves, this time with intention. We had the clarity of what was most important to us, defined our values, and now curate a life we love!

Minimalist Values

Why This Message Is So Important To Us

 We know firsthand what it's like to feel that sense of overwhelm.. the lack of organization, direction, creativity. 

We also know how incredibly freeing it can be to take back your control, clarity and intention by implementing systems, organizing, simplifying and making choices with mindful awareness. 

We saw the difference it has made for us, which is why it feels so important for us to share what we've discovered with others!

Also, our own self improvement and development in this field is far from over. We constantly try to approach things in life through this minimalist lens, which means there is always something new we are learning that we get to share with y'all!

For some, getting started, or knowing where to start, can be the hardest part… but the good news is.. it’s the hardest part! So from there it gets easier! Which is why we would love to help guide you on your own journey and be a resource for you.

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