4 Powerful New Techniques To Try On Your Next Closet Purge

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In this post we’re going to cover the benefits of a closet purge, and how to get started.

Using a simple 4 Step Formula, you’ll be able to clear the clutter and lay the foundation for your ideal wardrobe.

If you’re ready to curate a closet that helps you dress with confidence and ease, then this post is for you!

Let’s jump right in...

What Is Closet Purging?

A closet purge is the process of clearing out specific items in our wardrobe that no longer meet our needs. 

Whether these items are torn, ripped, faded, no longer fit our bodies or our current style, a closet purge is about clearing out the old to make space for the new. 

If we consider some reasons we would perform other ‘purges’ in our life, such as a health cleanse or purge, a closet purge could be looked at in a similar way. 

With a health cleanse we are ridding our diet of foods that leave us feeling bogged down & sluggish, and replacing them with options that provide energy, as well as allow our bodies to perform optimally. 

Instead of asking yourself How many clothes does a person need?,  view the concept of a closet purge as a way to clear out old items that are hindering your wardrobe from being streamlined & optimized. 

Once purged, you create the space for pieces that suit your current needs and lifestyle.

Why Do You Need A Closet Purge?

There are many reasons one may look into performing a closet purge. 

For starters, the abundance of clutter that accumulates from a closet that isn’t regularly assessed can build up quickly. This makes lack of space a problem, as well as creates a feeling of overwhelm when it comes to getting dressed. 

Overwhelmed Before A Closet Purge

If left unchecked, we may find that over time our closets get filled with mindless purchases, gifted items (that we don’t necessarily love), or items we just had to have because they were on sale, and so on. 

These are the outmoded things to purge from your wardrobe.

In addition to a lack of space and overall disorganization, you may also be dealing with decision fatigue when it comes to the simple task of picking out an outfit for the day.

This is a result of too many choices in your face everyday, when you could instead be choosing items from a closet that is set up with only the pieces you love and know you will wear. 

What You Will Gain From A Closet Purge?

The benefits gained from a closet purge are again, similar to those you would get from a cleanse. You clear out the old to make space for the new. Don’t focus on the closet purge, picture the end result.

Besides having more space in your closet, performing a closet purge will also help you see what you really have in your wardrobe, buried underneath all the items you never wear. 

You will have a clearer picture of what you have to work with, as well as what you are lacking. 

You will uncover the items that you know you feel the most comfortable in, and feel confident wearing. 

This makes getting dressed effortless & fun, and creates the foundation for building your ideal wardrobe.  

What Does An Ideal Wardrobe Look Like?

The main questions to ask when purging your closet are the ones that ultimately set yourself up for building and maintaining your ideal wardrobe. 

When curating your ideal wardrobe, there are several things to be considered.

Things such as your current lifestyle, your personal style & preferred color palette, as well as the versatility of each item should all be kept in mind.

Your ideal wardrobe should be built mindfully, and with intention. This means no longer falling for sales or impulse buys if the item doesn’t have a specific place or purpose in your closet.

How Do I Purge My Closet?

Now that we understand the purpose of the closet purge, and the end goal of performing one, it’s time to start the process! 

While there aren’t exactly hard and fast closet purge rules, using this simple formula: 4 Steps to a Successful Closet Purge will help you purge your closet with ease. 

1. Inventory

Taking an inventory of what you have in your closet is the first step. 

How many shoe varieties do you have in conjunction with your lifestyle? Do you have an excess amount of skirts or pants in relation to the number of tops or blouses? 

This step is truly as simple as it sounds, gather all your items and see what you have. 

2. Group

Once we have taken an inventory of what we have, the next step is to begin grouping items into categories. 

You can do this step in a way that makes the most sense to you. For instance you could group athletic wear together, or shoes with shoes, dressy items separate from casual clothes, and so forth. 

The purpose of this step is to determine where you have excess, and where you are lacking, in accordance with your current lifestyle and needs. It also sets you up for success in the third step. 

3. Organize

Now it’s time to organize. 

A place for everything, and everything in its place. 

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This step is about arranging the items in our closet in a way that best suits our daily lives, and makes dressing for any occasion a breeze.

You may decide to organize work clothes in one area of your closet, while special occasion items are stored elsewhere. It may be helpful to invest in storage boxes or containers with labels where you can keep extra accessories or off season items.

Keep in mind this step is mainly about ensuring everything has a designated space, and organizing it in a way that works best for you according to your specific lifestyle needs. 

When we effectively organize our closets, it allows us to know not only what we have to choose from, but where it is located as well. 

4. Declutter

The final step in the ‘how to purge too many clothes’ process is decluttering. 

The previous three steps are meant to build up to this one because you will now know what you have, what you need to obtain or replace, and will have a designated place for each item moving forward. 

If we begin to declutter before we know what we need, we may toss something we don’t yet have a suitable replacement for. 

Start with these obvious purging closet rules: declutter if the item is worn out / torn / damaged, if it no longer fits (your body or lifestyle) and of course, any pieces that you simply can not stand to look at any longer. 

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Curating Your Ideal Wardrobe 

Now that we have performed the closet purge, meaning we’ve laid a proper foundation, we are ready to build upon what we have in order to curate our ideal wardrobe. 

Some Things To Consider

When choosing pieces for your ideal wardrobe, a few things should be kept in mind. 

For starters, understanding your personal style, as well as knowing what colors, fabrics & fits you feel most confident in are key.

Also keep your current lifestyle in mind when selecting items, and have a purpose for the items you add.

Creating your ideal wardrobe should be done with awareness and intention. 

How To Build Your Ideal Wardrobe

There are four key factors we are going to focus on when not only building but also maintaining our ideal wardrobes. 

These 4 Factors are: Versatility, Quality VS Quantity, Upkeep, and Intention

Focus On Versatility

When we consider versatility, we keep in mind what items can easily be mixed and matched in order to create multiple outfits. 

This could include a few basic colored tops that could be worn with a variety of patterns & prints, a staple jacket that can be dressed up or down, and a few key accessories that work across many different occasions.

The main take away when it comes to versatility is to focus on simple neutral pieces that act as base layers to be mixed and matched, as well as built upon. 

Quality VS Quantity

Here we consider what items are worth the investment, and which ones we can get away with a budget option. 

A lot of this will be determined by your specific lifestyle needs and preferences. Understanding what your day to day life requires when it comes to your wardrobe will be key to knowing where to spend the extra on quality. 

Also consider certain accessories that will see a lot of daily use, like a wallet or purse, or a specific pair of shoes. These are a few areas that you may want to consider investing in quality pieces for the sake of longevity. 

Consider The Upkeep

When you are building your wardrobe with awareness and intention, you will also want to consider the upkeep required of the pieces you choose.

This might include dry clean only items, or items that will need regular ironing. There are also certain fabrics that perform best when hand washed only, or last longer when line dried.

Before purchasing such items, have an understanding of what it will take to maintain it, and know if you are willing to commit to the proper care. 

Purchase With Intent

When we’ve honed our personal style, know what we love, and know how our pieces fit into our current lifestyle, we are in the position to make any & all future purchases with intent. 

Being intentional with our purchases allows us to select the items we love and that have a specific purpose in our closets. 

The question of How often should I get rid of clothes? becomes less relevant when you avoid current fads and become immune to sales / marketing tactics. 

Purchasing with intent builds and maintains our ideal wardrobes, and minimizes the need for frequent closet purges in the future. 

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that this process is less about throwing stuff out, and more about creating the space for what matters.

It’s about the curation of a wardrobe we love, and one that is personalized just for us. 

Also, it's not really meant to be a one and done thing. You may be wondering How often should I purge my closet? 

Whenever you experience lifestyle changes, such as a new career, cross country moves, a shift in styles, tastes, fads, and so on.

It’s a cycle. 

It’s a continual process of honing our style, checking in with clutter & excess, and it requires regular upkeep.

What About You?

What would your ideal wardrobe look like?

Let us know in the comments below! 

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