These 6 Little Tweaks Can Easily Turn Any House Into A Home

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In this post we’re going to share 6 simple ways you can revive and refresh your living space.

Using these simple tweaks, you’ll be able to transform your place from a house into a home!

If you’re ready to see the impact these tips can have on your space, then this post is for you!

Let’s jump right in...

Turning A House Into A Home

There are a few things we tend to notice when we walk into a room; whether we like the colors, the decor, the layout, and how it makes us “feel”. 

These are some things to consider when turning a house into a home.

Whether you’re turning an apartment into a home, sprucing up your starter home, or even updating the place you’ve resided for years - creating a warm and welcoming environment is key. 

When our environment is calm and soothing, it reflects in our overall well-being. And when we arrive home after a long day, we want our space to feel and function like it’s made just for us! 

When we make a house a home meaning we feel like the place is our very own, we utilize a few key elements in order to achieve this. 

With this in mind, here are 6 Simple Tweaks for turning a house into a home. 

1. Make A Great First Impression 

Like with anything, first impressions speak loudly. So when you first arrive home, consider what is greeting you when you walk in the door. 

Things such as a clean, well placed welcome mat, a door handle & hinges that are functional and ‘squeak’ free, and operational lights & switches should all be addressed when it comes to first impressions. 

A welcoming foyer or entryway that is tasteful, clutter free, and personalized to your style and needs should also be considered. 

Getting a handle on first impressions allows the rest of your home to truly shine, because it wasn’t tainted at the start. 

2. Create The Ambiance 

The second thing to consider when turning a house into a home is the ambiance of the space. What is the ‘feeling’ that the home gives off. 

Ambiance can be affected by things such as lighting, colors, as well as the overall coziness the home puts off. 

We can address this by utilizing specific details in color choices, lighting temperatures, and even strategically placed blankets, pillows, or burning a fragrant candle. 

Considering the ambiance allows us to alter the feel of our living space, and transform it into a place where we feel safe to kick back, relax and unwind. 

A place where we feel at home. 

Which reminds me of one of my favorite turning a house into a home quotes:

Home is not a place, it’s a feeling.

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3. Keep It Fresh 

Walking into a home that feels clean, and is free of odors, can do wonders. The home itself doesn’t even have to be spotless, as long as it has that fresh feel when we walk in!

keep your home feeling fresh

The key to a fresh home is having no visible dust, dirt, smudges, or obvious (unpleasant) odors.  Also, consider eliminating odors, rather than trying to overpower them with a strong artificial scent. 

A few tricks to help with this are things like using an air purifier, as well as placing scented pods near ‘problem’ areas such as trash cans or pet rooms. 

A potted plant is another great way to clean your air, while also livening up the home with some greenery. (Fresh flowers are a great option, too!)

Keeping your house feeling fresh makes it feel like home.

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4. Keep It Tidy 

In addition to keeping our space dust and odor free, the next focus is on keeping it organized and clutter free! Walking into ‘disorganization’ isn’t the best ‘welcome home’ feeling. 

Keeping your home tidy and clutter free can be as simple as placing storage options in areas where clutter tends to accumulate. 

A few ideas for this could be storage containers for shoes at the front door, a wire basket on the kitchen counter for paper clutter, maybe a large box in the living room or bedroom where toys can be tossed when not in use. 

These tips are easy, and a little obvious, but can make a huge difference in the overall tidiness and ease of upkeep throughout the home! 

5. Add Personality 

This is where your personality shines through. Adding in your personal touches will make any house feel like home! 

Paying attention to the little details is a great way to add personality. This is how small touches to make a house a home can be done through your unique style. 

Things such as a well placed book or a favorite magazine, artwork on the walls, family photos, and even your favorite coffee mugs are all great ways to display personality within your home. 

Walking into a house that suits not only your needs, but also your personality, is going to make you feel right at home. This is one of life's simple pleasures!

6. Make It Functional 

Once your place is clean, inviting, fresh, and personalized, the final piece to turning your house into a home is to make it functional - with your specific needs in mind! 

Making your home functional is about the ‘flow’ of the home. It’s considering the overall layout, the furniture placement, as well as the necessary storage space for your needs. 

Your living space will feel more like home when it’s set up and functions in a way that makes sense to you. To achieve this, you might pay attention to where your couch is set in relation to tables and lamps. 

Maybe even notice how your pantry and cabinets are set up. Make sure that they fit your food & kitchenware storage needs as well as make sense from a usability standpoint .

Making your space function in a way that works for you ensures your place not only feels like home, but operates like home as well! 

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Final Thoughts

Since transforming my house to home (meaning since I’ve implemented several of the tips above), I always look forward to coming home.

I’ve found it helped to create an atmosphere where I can relax and unwind each day. 

I feel like I am arriving at a welcoming, inviting and restorative place. 

I have realized that’s what home means to me. 

What about you? 

What makes your place feel like home? 

Let us know in the comments below!

  • Shava Nerad says:

    In the living room, I have a sideboard with coffee and tea service — an electric kettle, Keurig, selection of tea tins/chests and so on. It’s a mix of modern and vintage tea service, very cozy.

    There’s also an 1800s candy dish and a bit of aromatherapy, and silk flowers (I kill plants, sadly). And yes, coasters — I’m a writer, so my coasters are letter keyboards in an 1800’s style manual typewriter caddy.

    The sideboard is actually a 1980s quilter’s cabinet, and supplies — extra mugs, and extra boxes of various teas and so on — store neatly underneath out of sight.

    We call it the “house altar.” When guests come, they have hospitality there without us having to run back and forth to the kitchen for most things.

    It says welcome, as soon as people come in, and lets me spend more time visiting that hopping up and down. And of course it’s there for reading curled up on the couch and more private moments.

    To me, this makes more sense than keeping such stuff in the kitchen, where it takes up constant space and doesn’t serve the space where it’s used.

    • That sounds wonderful, Shava! What a great idea to have the tea and coffee accessible in the living room, I would love to try that out!

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