Effortless Living: 15 Steps to Simplify Your Life Today

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In this post we explore 15 practical steps that will help simplify your life. 

By applying these steps, you’ll be able to create more balance, streamline your routine, and experience more ease within each day. 

Whether you're feeling overwhelmed, longing for more peace, or just not sure where to start, this post will help guide you toward a more effortless way of living.

Let’s get started…

15 Steps To Simplify Your Life Today

In today's fast-paced world, finding simplicity amidst chaos can seem like an elusive goal. 

However, we found that by implementing systems, making choices with greater awareness & intention, and simplifying wherever possible, you begin to take your power back.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of 15 steps to help guide you on your journey towards a simpler, more meaningful life.

By taking deliberate steps towards simplifying your life, you can experience a newfound sense of ease and contentment today.

1. Start Somewhere: Just Take The First Step

Oftentimes the first step is the most difficult. Make a commitment to just start somewhere, and you are already well on your way towards improvement. Keep in mind small actions compound into big results over time. (Check out The Slight Edge for help with this step.)

2. Pause and Reflect: Practice Self-Awareness

Set aside some time where you can just be, without distractions or obligations. I would suggest finding a quiet moment in your day where you can sit with a journal and explore your thoughts. This is a chance for you to gain clarity and see what areas of your life might feel the most chaotic or out of balance.

3. Define Your Values: What’s Important to You

Taking the time upfront to clearly define your values, and what is a priority to you, will help to ensure those things don’t get neglected in the busyness of life. It’s about staying connected to what's important, not necessarily what’s urgent.

Be as simple as you can be; you will be astonished to see how uncomplicated and happy your life can become.

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4. Examine Your Intentions: What is Your ‘Why’

This is about getting clear on what it is you are looking to gain. Are you after a sense of balance and control? A feeling of ease, peace and contentment in your life? Getting clarity on your intentions and keeping that in your focus will help guide you towards making the best choices along the way.

5. Eliminate Distractions: Cut the Unnecessary

Now that you have established what is a priority for you, we can now cut out / eliminate all the excess that does not align with your core values. This could be anything from what is bogging you down, causing unnecessary stress, or taking attention away from the things that matter most.

6. Choose a Life Area: Where To Begin

You know best what area of your life could benefit most from simplifying. A few areas to consider would be: your living space, your personal finances, your health & wellness, your work-life balance, etc. Choose one area to begin with, and make that your focus for now.

7. Set an Objective: What is Your Goal

Now that you have a place to start, decide what it is you’d like to achieve. For example, if you are working on simplifying your living space, maybe make it your objective to organize & declutter two specific rooms by week's end. (Read Attainable Goals: A Step-By-Step Guide for help with this step.)

8. Use a Formula: Keep it Simple

By using a formula to accomplish your goals you drastically simplify things by taking the guesswork out of the process. Following a consistent formula is just about taking the next step, rather than getting bogged down with choices. With that, the 4 step formula we found to work best when simplifying is: Inventory, Group, Organize and Declutter.

Minimalism How To Start Infographic

9. Take Inventory: See Things as They Are

This is where we get a clear picture of what we own and where we're at. It’s about taking an inventory of not only our physical possessions, but also how we spend / allocate our time, money, energy and focus.

10. Group 'Like with Like': Batching / Categorizing

Grouping involves sorting and categorizing. For instance, once you have taken inventory of your schedule, you can begin grouping similar tasks together, such as errands, house chores, calls / emails, etc. Once things are grouped properly, you are now in a much better position to efficiently organize.

11. Organize: Prioritize and Assign

Once we have categorized our items, tasks, time and so forth, we can now start to organize them in a way that makes sense. We can begin to assign a designated space for certain items, a block of time for specific tasks. We can prioritize what is important and what’s not.

12. Declutter: Downsize and Eliminate

We have already taken inventory of clutter that may have accumulated, or wasteful time / money spending habits we may have overlooked. We have grouped and organized as needed, now is where we begin the process of ‘cleaning it up’. This is where we delegate, donate, or eliminate the excess.

13. Check In: Measure Your Results

In Step 7, we set up a goal, or objective, that we're aiming for. Now is when we check in and measure what we’ve achieved in relation to that previously established goal.

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14. Make Adjustments: Shift Where Necessary

Based upon how we measured up to the objective we were hoping to achieve, this is when we adjust and shift our actions as needed to more effectively line up to where we want to be.

15. Make It A Lifestyle: Build New Habits

Throughout this simplifying process, I’m sure you have begun to see what works best for you and your specific life situation. You have seen what gets results and what doesn’t. Now is the time to integrate those habits into your overall lifestyle. Turn what worked into a system. Build it into a lifestyle.

Final Thoughts

Embracing a more effortless way of living can start by simply making an intentional choice to do so, now. 

By implementing the 15 Steps above, you can begin to create more balance, declutter your surroundings, and reclaim your sense of clarity & control .

Our hope is that these steps will serve as a valuable guide on your journey towards simpler life, so that you can experience the incredible freedom and peace that follows!

What About You?

What steps have you taken to simplify your life? 

Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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