Want To Start Over Somewhere New? 5 Tips From Years Of Travel

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In this post we are going to explore the benefits of starting over, and reasons for doing so.

Here we share 5 tips (gathered from over a decade of travel) and the insight gained from starting over numerous times.

Whether you want to start over somewhere new, or pursue a fresh start right where you are, these tips will help you make the transition with ease. 

Let’s jump right in..

Why Would We Want To Start Over?

New year's resolutions, 30 day challenges, the keys to our new home, a blank canvas…

There is something invigorating about a fresh start.

Many of us have craved the chance to begin again, at one time or another. To wake up tomorrow, clean slate, day 1; an opportunity to create something new.

We may have even asked, how do I give myself a fresh start?

Have you ever experienced a yearning to venture a new path, or wondered how to move to a new city and start over?

What exactly is it that draws us to this urge? 

I have found there to be a number of reasons as to why it might show up…

Sometimes, we simply feel trapped.

We feel stuck, in a rut, bored or completely uninspired with our current routine. 

We may find ourselves just going through the motions of our day to day, operating completely on autopilot, or practicing escapism habits.

It’s quite possible we have outgrown our current environment, career, community or social circle, and are feeling overall unengaged and disconnected. 

Of course, there are those times when the choice to move is somewhat outside of our control, and we are seeking ways to make the transition more effortless.

Whatever your reason might be for starting over, there are countless benefits that can accompany this change.

What Are The Benefits Of Starting Over?

Is it OK to move away and start over? And what are the benefits of doing so? 

Whether you find yourself starting over in a completely new location, or just pursuing a fresh start right where you are, there are many benefits you can gain through this experience. 

For starters, the mere change up to your daily routine and environment can instantly put your mind into a more inquisitive, creative state.

We become more aware, engaged and interested in our day; even the simplest things begin to capture our attention.

With this shift into unfamiliar territory, we naturally become more present & alert. 

We might find ourselves more open to possibilities; seeing opportunities right in front of us that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

I have especially found this ‘shake up’ to be a great time for introducing new healthy habits, and ditching undesired ones.

Of course, there is the overarching benefit that comes as a result of almost any type of change, and that is simply: getting outside our comfort zone.

Venturing outside of our comfort zone can be exciting and invigorating, as well as challenging and intimidating.

Leaving our comfort zone means we have to get out of operating on autopilot, and be present.

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Without a clear intention or motivating reason to do so, we don’t typically make the choice to leave our comfort zone, nor our familiar environment & routine.

However, most agree that it was during times of change and discomfort when they experienced true, impactful growth and self-actualization in life.

How To Start Over Somewhere New, Or Right Where You Are

So, how do you start over somewhere new? 

Over the years I have personally found myself starting over somewhere new across several different states, countries, cities… and all for varying reasons.

There is something about a fresh start and new environment that reveals a level of strength within yourself that you hadn’t realized was there before.

It’s not always easy, and there will be challenges, however in hindsight I can truly say that the insights gained along the way are invaluable.

Throughout my experience, there were 5 specific practices, or mindsets, that stood out above anything else.

These are the tips that got me through the ups and downs of starting over, and the advice I would go back and give myself, if I could.

My hope is that you are able to take these lessons, apply them for yourself, and reap their benefits… without the lengthy learning curve.

5 Tips For Starting Over Somewhere New 

With that, here are the top 5 tips I have gathered from my decade of travel.

Start Over Somewhere New Infographic

1. Show Up Authentically 

We all have a side of ourselves we present to others that may or may not be in alignment with who we truly are, or have grown to be.

When we are in a position to start fresh, we have a blank slate. This is our chance to show up as we really are, and not the idea of what others expect us to be.

It is easy to fall into the trap of behaving in the same predictable manner when our environment and social circle stays the same. 

However, when starting over, this is your chance to build new relationships, habits and traits on the foundation of your true authentic self.

Take some time to self reflect, get to know yourself a little better. Explore interests, experiment; maybe even reinvent yourself and try new things.

Just be sure that you are staying true to you all along the way.

2. Get Comfortable With Discomfort 

If we truly want a new experience or fresh start, I have found that welcoming discomfort is the way to get there.

It seems rather obvious, but trying to create something new in life will not happen if you are always seeking ways to avoid the discomfort of change.

In fact, doing so will most likely result in the creation of the same predictable life you were trying to escape from, just in a different location.

True change occurs outside of our comfortable, mundane, predictable routines. 

Understanding that challenges, uncertainty, even inconveniences are all just part of the process of starting over will help you tremendously on this journey. 

Give yourself a chance to step up and overcome whatever comes along the way. 

This is precisely how you gain the skills, discipline and knowledge required to create something new and worthwhile in your life.

3. Stay Open & Curious 

Having the right attitude can make or break our entire experience of starting over somewhere new.

If we want our fresh start to feel energizing, inspiring, and effortless, then staying open and curious is key.

When we are open and curious, we tend to be more welcoming of change and new experiences. We can more clearly see the numerous opportunities in front of us.

With this attitude, we are less far intimidated by our unfamiliar surroundings, and instead approach it with interest & intrigue.

We find the novel stimulating, exciting and engaging. We don’t shy away from the change, but instead move forward with boldness, and an openness to what’s possible. 

Also, we are naturally more creative when our curiosity is piqued. We want to learn, experiment and forge new paths.

We can view starting over as hindrance or inconvenience, or as a chance to explore and create something new.

Our attitude is the deciding factor.

4. Realign & Re-evaluate 

When starting over somewhere new, we are instantly removed from our accustomed routines, habits and environment. 

We are, in a sense, knocked out of our element & habitual patterns, and forced to approach our day a bit differently.

This drastic shift, however, provides the perfect opportunity to view & assess our life from a new perspective.

Take advantage of this opportunity, use it as a time to evaluate what’s been working, and what has not.

Viewing yourself, your actions & your behaviors from outside familiar surroundings allows you to more clearly see where you are excelling, or possibly falling short.

Practice some deep and meaningful self-reflection. Do some journaling and self examination. 

Have you been living up to the standards of your ideal, or have you fallen into a set of unfruitful, habitual actions that simply just felt comfortable?

Get clear. Reconnect & re-align yourself with the goals, visions and intentions you originally had for yourself years ago. Realize you are capable of so much more.

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5. Practice Zero Based Thinking  

Consider asking yourself this simple question:

If you were given the cash equivalent of everything you own, would you build the exact life you have now?

What would you consider keeping? What is actually important to you?

This is one way to identify what holds real value & meaning in your life, and what may have just accumulated over time, without much thought. 

A zero based thinking approach engages our hindsight, and encourages self reflection. 

The technique was originally developed by author Brian Tracy, which simply asks "If I were to start over again today, would I do anything different?”

This method can help you hone in on the things that matter most, as well as save you from falling into old patterns, or getting ‘stuck in a rut.’ 

And with this insight, you will have a clear picture moving forward of what to actually bring into your life when starting over somewhere new.

 As well as what to leave behind. 

Final Thoughts 

What truly makes starting over so exciting is the chance to begin again; but this time with clearer insight, vaster knowledge, and a deeper level of self awareness.

You get to take all the information you’ve accumulated over the years, examine it, and apply it in a way that makes your future much more captivating than your past.

My hope, once again, is that you are able to take these 5 tips gathered from my numerous fresh starts, see their value, and create something amazing  and worthwhile in your life.

What About You? 

What tips have you found to make starting over easier?

Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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