20 Best Nourishing Activities To Help You Relax & Recharge Now

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In this post we are going to define exactly what a nourishing activity is, as well as share 20 examples for you to try yourself. 

These nourishing activities are meant to help you not only relax & de-stress, but also recharge and revive your creative energy.

If you are ready to see the impact these activities can have in your life, then this post is for you! 

Let’s get started.

What is a Nourishing Activity?

I’m sure we are all familiar with the term self-care.

Self care has been defined as the practice of taking an active role in protecting one's own well-being and happiness, especially during times of stress.

However overtime it seems activities identified as “self care” have been hijacked to include things that offer more of an ‘escape’ as opposed to a time to replenish & recharge yourself (more on that later).

Engaging in this type of activity is self-nourishing, meaning there is no doubt you will walk away feeling refreshed. 

Nourishing activities are intended to nourish your life, by nourishing the body and nourishing mind alike. They deliver what you need to function more effectively.

So what is the meaning of nourishing? 

Nourishing (adj):
Promoting strength or growth; nutritious: as, a nourishing diet.
Synonyms Strengthening, invigorating, wholesome.

Self-care is giving the world what's best of you, not what's left of you.

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In other words, the purpose of a nourishing activity is to give your body and mind the proper rest & rejuvenation needed to allow you to be more present and effective in your daily life.

When covering the 20 Nourishing activities here in the post, our focus is on addressing two specific things: Relaxation and Recharging

Why Nourishing Activities Should Be a Regular Part of Your Life

There always seems to be someone or something that needs our attention. Most of us have long lists of to do’s and obligations that can feel urgent and pressing.

too much to do

Whether it's upkeep around the home or problems still on your mind from work, sometimes it can be difficult to think about taking even just 5 minutes for ourselves.

However, making ourselves a priority is truly a necessity.

We are all looking for ways to slow down and reset. We also have the need for a consistent supply of energy and drive, not just to get us through the day, but to be able to be truly engaged and present in our life.

This is why self-nourishment should be a non-negotiable part of our daily life.

Nourishing activities combat a number of issues, including:

Knowing The Difference Between Zoning Out & Nourishing Yourself

As mentioned above, some may think they are treating themselves to self care.

However, if we’re not walking away rested and more capable of handling life’s stressors, more than likely we were just ‘checking out’.

Some common self care pitfalls:

  • Binge watching shows & movies on the couch for countless hours
  • Treating yourself to an excessive amount of junk food
  • Pouring yourself a drink to take the edge off (before you even try anything else)
  • Shopping for things you don't really need (and may even regret later)

I’m sure we’ve all indulged in one form or another of the pitfalls (or draining activities) listed above at some point, and that’s fine.

The problem arises when these become a part of our regular routine, as the only options we turn to our arsenal of ‘go-to destressors’.

This is where the list of nourishing activities will help guide you towards more replenishing and uplifting options. This list will help you balance out your nourishing and depleting activities.

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How To Choose the Best Nourishing Activities For Your Situation

As previously mentioned, the nourishing activities listed will be focused on the areas of relaxation and recharging.

We have identified relaxing activities to be most beneficial if your mind is scattered and your thoughts chaotic. These activities invoke a calm and centered feeling.

We found recharging activities to be helpful when your body is lacking energy and feeling drained. These types of activities ignite creativity, drive, and motivation.

So, how do you choose the best activity for your situation? Take a moment to get clear on what you need most at this moment.

Maybe the weather is great and you want to choose between some outdoor nourishing activities, or maybe you just need to relax and cultivate peace of mind.

Could you benefit most from giving your mind a chance to turn off and reset? To quiet the world around you to reconnect with yourself?

Or could you possibly use a spark to get you going again? Something to engage your creative side?

Maybe you need a mix of both!

With that, we have listed below the 20 Nourishing Activities divided into the two categories.

20 Nourishing Activities For Your Body & Mind 

Relaxing Activities:

  • Take a hot bath (complete with bath salts and candles)
  • Treat yourself to a spa day/get a facial (even if it’s just at home
  • Pamper yourself with a massage or try acupuncture
  • Spend time in a float tank or salt cave
  • Incorporate adaptogenic herbs (such as ashwagandha)
  • Pour yourself a cup of tea
  • Light a candle/or put on some essential oils
  • Sit for awhile and just enjoy a piece of music 
  • Do some stretching or a yoga sequence 
  • Spend time in meditation

Recharging Activities:

  • Journal your thoughts 
  • Make a gratitude list (shift your focus to the positive)
  • Read an uplifting book or listen to an interesting/motivating podcast
  • Spend time with animals (your own, a friends, or volunteer at a local shelter)
  • Take a walk in nature or plan a day hike
  • Call a friend just to catch up
  • Pick an evening to play a board game or put a puzzle together
  • Try out a new dinner recipe or bake your favorite treat
  • Create something to consume, such as an herb garden or making candles 
  • Do a craft: painting/drawing/scrapbook (Orange Art Box is great for kids!)

Final Thoughts

Since making these nourishing activities a regular part of my life, I have experienced a huge improvement in my energy levels, and overall well being.

Personally, when I need to relax and clear my mind, my go to activity is to sit and meditate.

When I’m feeling unmotivated or uninspired, my favorite recharging activity is to get myself involved in some type of art or craft project.

What about you? 

What is your favorite way to relax and recharge each day?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • I love to spend time on my own outside. I adore flowers, nature and wildlife. This time outdoors lifts my spirit and never lets me down.

    • That’s great Laura! I completely agree, spending time in nature is good for the soul.

  • Great list! I didn’t realize how much of what I thought was self-care was really just “zoning out” and not helping me recharge.

    • So glad you found it helpful!

      I’ve found that when I make time for recharging activities I feel much more energized and focused throughout my day!

  • I try to write every day, whether it’s a journal entry, an email to a friend or family member, or a poem. They’re all forms of creative expression that are both relaxing and stimulating.

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