Are You Escaping From Life?


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Escaping From Life

Is life Escaping from you? Are you missing out on meaningful life experiences because you are too preoccupied with all the background noise and distractions.

Are daily life stresses stealing your attention and draining your energy? Are you satisfied with the amount of control and freedom you feel you have over your life?

If not, it might be a good idea to start simplifying. Cutting unnecessary complexities out of your life could be key in allowing you to take back your control. I know it has worked for me.

When life feels out of balance and complex, we can easily lose our sense of peace and control. Thus, life can ‘escape from us’.

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What is fueling your need to escape?

A lot of times when we are caught up in what feels like never ending daily stresses, our initial reaction can be that we just need to escape. To run away from all our worries and concerns, and not look back. 

But sometimes when you have the urge to do something that seems drastic or crazy, it might just be a wake up call letting you know things have gotten off track, and need to be dealt with.

It could be that certain areas of our lives have potentially been neglected, and it has finally all added up. Maybe we’ve taken on more than we can (or should) handle. 

Maybe we should have allowed ourselves to slow down. Give ourselves a moment to recharge before moving full steam ahead. Either way, we have reached our breaking point. 

The moment that you feel like escaping from life is a moment for you to make a shift. It's an opportunity for you to regroup, refocus, and be intentional. 

The objective is to create a life where you don't feel the need to escape. 

Contemplating Escaping From Life

What does that  life look like for you?

The most effective way to gain clarity on this is to make time for regular self-reflection. Spend a few moments each day with yourself. 

How can you create a life where you don’t feel the need to escape, if you’re not even sure what that life looks like?

Minimalism is both subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.

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Maybe start by asking yourself some questions. 

Some to consider...

  • If I were to start from square one; would I choose the current lifestyle I have now?
  • Would I have chosen all of the current possessions I currently own?
  • Am I being intentional with how I spend my time and energy?
  • Am I being mindful of how I spend my money and manage my finances?
  • Do I have my priorities in the right order?
  • Am I living from a place where my values are directing my decisions?

Once we sit down and honestly answer the questions above, it's possible that light will be shone on specific areas. 

Areas where the actions we are taking and the results we're seeking can be brought back in line.

What is your intention

Right Intentions

When we set out to curate our ideal life, another avenue to explore is our intentions. 

It’s safe to say that most of us want a life we look forward to living and being fully present in each day. We want to get ourselves out of the ‘escapism’ mindset. 

Doing anything with the underlying intention of ‘escaping’ may not bring you the relief you were hoping for. 

When we have our intentions in the right place we will  more than likely be satisfied with our outcomes. 

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Are You Running Towards or Running Away?

A few years ago we made the decision that a simple, more minimalistic life could offer us the freedom we were after. We saw it as a way to lift some weights that we felt were holding us back from getting the most out of life. 

At the time, it seemed easier to keep going with our day to day, even though mentally and physically we were at max capacity. It was easy to stay stuck in it because it felt familiar, we had our usual habits, and breaking those can be hard. 

All I could think on certain days was ‘OK,  I’ve had enough... I just need to run away’. But truly, if you need to make a change, it is better to have a positive force driving you then a negative one. 

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Mindfulness: An Eight-Week Plan for Finding Peace in a Frantic World

This is the book that made me realize what it truly means to be in the present moment and helped break the cycle of anxiety, stress, unhappiness, and exhaustion.

With this in mind, another major question to ask yourself is if you are adopting the 'running towards' or 'running away from' mentality in life. 

This could look something like...

Running Towards

  • A feeling of freedom
  • Organization / efficiency
  • Mindful experiences
  • A sense of control over your life
  • Peace of mind and simplicity
  • More meaning
  • More purpose / intention

Running Away

  • escaping from a life filled with too many responsibilities
  • a feeling that things are too frantic and out of control
  • unresolved problems with work or family relationships
  • not facing issues that need addressed
  • dullness and boredom in the day to day routine

Can you see the difference between the two perspectives?

For me one has the feeling that there is something to be gained and get excited about. There are several studies showing positive reinforcement as being more effective than negative reinforcement at igniting action and change. 

Practice Mindfulness

Escaping from life is NOT the solution

Again the key is to create a life you don't feel the need to escape from!

Get in the habit of asking yourself what that ideal life feels like. My suggestion would be to simplify as much as you need to achieve this.

We also want to make sure we are fully present each and every day, not letting our lives escape from our awareness. 

A few closing tips to not let life ‘escape you’.

  • Periodically notice the stillness between your inhales and exhales, stay there for a while
  • Give yourself at least 10 minutes a day for self reflection
  • Make self care a priority
  • Allow your values to guide your decisions
  • Regularly ‘check in’ with yourself and observe your surroundings
  • Make it your intention to get the most out of each day!

How do you keep life from escaping from you?

What are some activities where you feel most present and engaged?

About The Author

Krissy is a writer and lifestyle blogger. She is passionate about health & wellness, the joys of simple living, and overall life balance. 

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