5 Signs You’re Escaping From Life (And A Reliable Solution)

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In this post we’re going to reveal 5 ways you might be escaping from life, and what you can do instead.

Here you will learn not only the benefits of defeating escapism, but also the steps you can take to build a rich & fulfilling life. 

If you’re ready to create a life you don't feel the need to escape from, then this post is for you!

Let’s jump right in...

Escaping From Life

Are you escaping from life? Is life escaping from you? 

Are you missing out on meaningful life experiences because you are too preoccupied with all the background noise and distractions?

Are daily life stresses stealing your attention and draining your energy? Are you satisfied with where you are in life, as well as with the amount of control and freedom you feel you have?

If not, you may find yourself looking for ways to escape life - meaning you are no longer satisfied or engaged with your current life situation. 

escapism signs

5 Signs Of ‘Escapism’

A lot of times when we are caught up in what feels like never ending daily stresses, our initial reaction can be that we just need to escape. It feels easier to just run away from all our worries & concerns, and not look back. 

Sometimes when you have the urge to do something that seems drastic or crazy, it might just be a wake up call letting you know things have gotten off track, and need to be dealt with.

Consider the ways you deal with an overwhelming urge to run away.

You may be escaping from life if you find yourself doing the following:

  1. Just ‘going through the motions’ 
  2. Mindlessly consuming media 
  3. Not planning for your future or setting goals for yourself
  4. Not working on your growth or personal development 
  5. Not taking an active role in your health / or making time for self care

These are a few ways you might be dealing with the ‘how to escape from life’ problems.

However, they’re not the only way - and certainly not the best way. 

The moment that you feel like escaping from life is the moment for you to make a shift. It's an opportunity for you to regroup, refocus, and be intentional.

The objective is to create a life where you don't feel the need to escape.

What does that life look like for you?

how to escape from life problems

Creating A Better Life

We have found four effective ways to combat the need to escape, which we will cover in depth below.  

These are: Slow Down, Collect Your Thoughts, Recharge & Replenish, and Live With Intention

Slow Down (& Simplify)

Cutting unnecessary complexities out of your life could be key in allowing you to take back your control. I know it has worked for me.

A few years ago I decided that a slower, simpler way of life could offer the freedom & peace I was after.

At the time, I was at max capacity - mentally and physically. 

I was overextending myself in many areas, and just trying to keep up. 

Things such as filling my schedule with commitments and obligations where I should have delegated, or simply said ‘no’. Making things harder and more complicated than they needed to be.

Rushing onto ‘the next thing’ without really being present with what was in front of me... I also remember thinking at the time that ‘going faster’ meant being more productive.

It was easy to stay stuck because it felt familiar, I had my usual habits (and breaking those can be hard).

All I could think on certain days was ‘OK,  I’ve had enough... I want to run away from my life’. I’m sure you’ve had times where you were overwhelmed and thought about how to escape yourself. 

However, when I embraced the concept of slowing down, I found I could actually accomplish so much more. I was more present, calm, and engaged. 

slowing down

When I began to simplify and declutter my surroundings and schedule, I was able to gain back control & clarity. I saw what I wanted for my life, what was truly important, and made the time and space for it. 

I realized I didn’t need to run away, I just needed to slow down & simplify. I needed to create balance, set boundaries, and get my life to a place where it was manageable. 

Collect Your Thoughts (Self-Awareness) 

One of the most effective ways to take an active role in your life is to cultivate self awareness.

Make time for regular self-reflection. Spend a few moments each day with yourself. 

How can you create a life where you don’t feel the need to escape, if you’re not even sure what that life looks like?

Spending time in meditation and reflective journaling can help you get clear on this.

Maybe start by asking yourself some questions. 

Some to consider...

  • If I were to start from square one; would I choose the current lifestyle I have now?
  • Am I being intentional with how I spend my time and energy?
  • Do I have my priorities in the right order?

Discover How To Create Balance & Inspire Joy

Enroll in our 7-Day Course: Slow Down, Reset, and Simplify.

Here you will learn to see things through the lens of Simple Living and curate a life you love.

When we sit down and honestly answer the questions above, it's likely specific areas that need to be addressed will become obvious. These are the areas where the actions we are taking and the results we're seeking can be brought back in line. 

And when we become aware of this - through regular reflection, meditation and journaling - we are in a much better position moving forward. 

Recharge & Replenish

Probably the most common reason we feel the ‘need to escape’ has to do with life stress and overwhelm. 

Unfortunately, life is going to have stressful situations. However, we can equip ourselves to handle them from a much stronger, more capable, position. 

Reducing the impact of daily stressors can be as simple as creating a regular self-care routine. This routine should consist of activities that help you relax and recharge. (We like to call them nourishing activities.)

These nourishing activities will help you cancel out stress and give your mind & body the rest and rejuvenation they need to function properly. 

Self Care

But sometimes, self-care isn’t enough. If you’ve been neglecting yourself for years, you may need a total wellness makeover.

Are you getting quality sleep? Quality nutrition and regular exercise? How about maintaining a positive outlook? All of these things work together, and neglecting one area affects the others. 

As your health improves, your perspective also improves. Your body and mind will function more effectively, and the effects of stress & overwhelm will begin to fade. 

Live With Intention

When we set out to curate our ideal life, we must get clear on our intentions. 

Being intentional means taking an active role in your life, and moving forward with purpose & direction.

It’s safe to say that most of us want a life we look forward to living, and being fully present in, each day. To achieve this, we must first get ourselves out of the ‘escapism’ mindset. 

Doing anything with the underlying intention of ‘escaping from life’ may not bring the comfort and relief you were hoping for. 

When your intention is clear, so is the way.

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With this in mind, a question to ask yourself is if you are adopting the 'running towards' (embracing) or 'running away from' (escaping) mentality in life. 

This could look something like...

Running Towards

  • A feeling of freedom, purpose & intention
  • A sense of control and presence
  • Peace of mind, organization and simplicity
  • Life goals & personal growth

Running Away From

  • A life filled with too much stress
  • Too many responsibilities & obligations
  • Dullness and boredom in the day to day routine
  • A life that you did not consciously choose 

Can you see the difference between the two perspectives?

One has the feeling there is something to be gained, something to strive for and get excited about! Whereas the other gives the impression that life is hard, and you have no control.

When we have our intentions in the right place, we can be confident moving forward towards our ideal life.

Final Thoughts

Positive reinforcement is more effective than negative reinforcement at igniting action and change. 

Taking a proactive rather than reactive approach to life helps keep us out of the escapism mindset, and puts us in the driver's seat of our lives. 

When we take on a more active role in our life, we can play a part in creating a life we don’t need to escape from. 

What about you? 

What are some activities that help you feel more present, active and engaged in your life?

Let us know in the comments below!

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