Embracing Minimalism: Focus On What You Gain


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Embracing Minimalism

Looking to embrace a more minimalist life? Focus on what you gain!

Starting new habits can be hard at times, but could it be because we are looking at them the wrong way? Maybe it isn't actually that difficult, maybe changing your perspective is the hard part.

How many people don't stick to a weight loss or fitness goal because they put their focus on foods they have to give up and gym time they have to commit to; rather than focusing on all the energy, confidence and strength they will gain.

Others might not set budgets and/or control their debt and spending because they will have to give up certain 'luxuries', all while being oblivious to the fact that they will gain so much peace of mind and financial freedom if they follow through.

Altering the way we look at a new habit can make it much easier to start and keep. If you remove your resistance to the 'first step' in the right direction, the habit will practically build itself.

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Be Mindful

When talking about living a simpler, more minimalist life, I am mostly addressing the concept of living more mindfully, and becoming consciously aware of what you're allowing into your life.

This could mean becoming more conscious of your spending habits, more aware of your thought patterns, or finally seeing the clutter and disarray of unnecessary excess in your environment.

As you move towards minimalism, you gain the opportunity to create more meaning, happiness, and true joy in your life.

When you start becoming aware of excess, use this opportunity to become more 'minimalistic'.

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Some might be afraid to address the matter and may choose to look the other way. They might find it easier because by taking an honest look at the issue they may feel they now have to 'give up' certain possessions and so forth.

But again, rather than paying so much attention on what you are "giving up', I instead wanted to focus on all the things you might gain...

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A clear conscience

When you are being honest about any out of control spending or excess you can feel good about moving forward with 'less' because your mind will be clear and you know you are doing what is truly right for your finances and well being.

Insight on waste

When you start paying attention to things, you become aware of what is taking up the most time, space, and energy. Only then can you streamline/make cuts where necessary. You'll stop wasting that time, money, and space.

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Time to explore

Who you really are and what you're about without distractions of anyone else defining you and deciding what you should wear, like, eat, etc. Try this by starting from 'ground zero' and decide what to add/keep/delete from your life.

Minimalism means more of what matters most

  • money (because you aren't spending frivolously on items you more than likely don't want/need)
  • space in your home
  • mental clarity
  • peace and contentment

When embracing a simpler, more mindful way of living the biggest thing you'll find you have to give up is letting 'autopilot' run the show. You will have to consciously take more control of your actions and their results.

When you have to buy something you don't need because it's on sale, or keep something around that you never use/wear because you just might need it one day..

This is your chance to be more mindful.. to embrace a more minimalist approach... and to shift your focus to what you might gain in the process.


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